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great first touch - Senior consultant, AutoCont, Czech Republic, Mar 2011

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Yes - It is easier to understand than some of the more complicated frameworks. It has some great foundational material to help explain concepts. - IT Application Architect, Alcatel-Lucent, USA, May 2012

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Context is King. It really is! However, as mind-bogglingly important as context is, it is equally mind-bogglingly difficult to talk about. The reason is that when you talk about the context of a "thing" you stop talking about the "thing" itself. This is extremely disconcerting and possibly upsetting for many people. People (including me) like to talk about a "thing" and if someone wants to talk about something else which is not "the thing" then, well, it's not the "thing" is it - it's "off topic". Let's put that in the "parking lot". Let's "take that offline" or "we're going off at a tangent". You will find things like that in many books about "How to run an effective meeting" etc but who is to say something is off-topic. Clearly the person saying it does not think it is "off-topic" or he would not have said it!

Context is extremely important for the correct understanding of anything, so in this section, we look at the Context of PEAF by understanding what problem it exists to solve, how in general it achieves that and how it relates to other Frameworks and Ontologies with respect to Enterprise Architecture.


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