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It is hard to find free alternatives to TOGAF as most of the alternatives come from consulting companies. Pragmatic EA Framework (PEAF) is one freely downloadable EA Framework for end user companies which is comparable in terms of coverage to TOGAF. It claims to be more pragmatic but since it was published in November 2008 it is too early to judge its pragmatic-ness at the moment. However, some companies looking for simpler approach can at least take a look to PEAF and may find it useful either as a complement or a replacement to TOGAF.

-Henry Peyret (Forrester Research Inc)

I have to say that I am impressed with your material. We think a lot alike.

-Tim Barnes

You've done a great job with separation of concerns and presentation.

-Mark Sternberger, cEA, cPMP , CEO

Thank you so much, I wanted to let you know my interest in EA was first initiated through conversations with Tim Westbrockformer head of EA Solutions which was eventually bought by the Gartner Group. I've always had an interest in the field but never a true sense of how to get actively involved in a well directed manner until now. I simply can't thank you enough and I look forward to viewing your site in it's entirety and receiving course information from your associate. Take care and do keep up the great work, Kevin!

-Andrew C. Maclaren

I commend you on your efforts to create a platform to launch from (in regards to documentation, actions to take etc..) this is one of the primary reasons I have selected PEAF as the framework we are going to adopt and start going since we are so very new to EA and have been struggling with where to actually start.

-Jason Bowne

Your framework is very interesting. I've drafted 2 times EA programs and the second time it was looking like what you're proposing. Simple with the emphasis on business communication. I would like to have your templates 2 years ago, I would have spent more time communicating and content instead of creating documents and presentation.

-Martin Gagnon, EA director

Thank you for the PEAF framework. It is helping immensely in having the right conversations with the right people

-Rusty Robinson, Manager


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