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“I really enjoyed the course. It was informative and eye-opening to the potential power of PEAF.” - Account Manager, Sage, USA, Aug 2013

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“Yes - Great framework” - Architect, ADG Netcom, Canada, Jun 2010


Ten things that differentiate Pragmatic and it's frameworks from others

1 PEAF is built from understanding why EA Initiatives fail and plugging those gaps… …rather than an academic perfect world perspective.

We concentrate on the 20% that will produce 80% of the benefit…

…rather than boiling the ocean with things that may be classed as “complete”.

3 We simplify and distil… …rather than others that try to show you how clever they are.

We concentrate on providing things which can be used out-of-the-box…

…rather than other frameworks that you cannot use “out of the box”.

5 Our Frameworks are designed to enable you to do as much as you want to do… …rather than other frameworks designed by IT vendors and large consultancies to sell you as much product as possible.
6 We want to improve the EA profession… …rather than others who seek to own it.
7 We recognise that Culture Trumps Everything™ and place Culture front and centre … …rather than ignore culture.
8 POET takes a holistic view of the entire Enterprise Transformation space… …rather than just the IT Structural space
9 Our primary aim is to provide value to Enterprises and as a side effect we make money… …rather than others whose aim is to make as much money as possible and as a side provide value.
10 Our Frameworks are created and vetted by a small number of people which creates coherent and consistent output… …rather than other frameworks created by committee which creates complicated, inconsistent and confusing output.


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