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A Pragmatic Approach Using PEAF


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This process defines the Meta-model that will be used for gathering and analysing information that is to be stored in the EA Modelling Tool.

Since some EA Modelling Tools have pre-existing and somewhat static Meta-models this process may not be required. However, even if the approach is to use whatever Meta-model that comes with the Tool that will be selected, it is still a good idea to go through this process to identify the initial entities, relationships and views that are initially important to the Enterprise as beginning with a massive and detailed Meta-model can dilute the focus.

Another dimension to be aware of is that whatever Meta-model is chosen, the Meta-model will expand as times goes on and therefore consideration should be given not only to the initial Meta-model but also how that Meta-model will grow over time.


¨      Find out what Meta-models exist and how they map to the PEAF Ontology.


¨      Using the Artefacts section of PEAF, decide what Meta-models are required.

Plan Transition

¨      Create a detailed plan of the things that need to be done to rollout the changes made and make them real.


Questions to ponder...

Does this process match your Enterprises process for Defining the EA Metamodel?

If not, is their anything missing?

How would you define this process?

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