How was Training?


“Interaction with the trainer and colleagues was valuable in setting the principles firmly into a real-world context.” - Integration Architect, Experian, UK, Mar 2013

Recommend PEAF?


“Yes - Straight-forward & simpler than TOGAF. I like the Enterprise Debt model.” - Acting Chief Enterprise Architect, Industry Canada, Canada, Jun 2012

The next step is to produce a detailed plan to begin to utilise the framework.

In order to do this, the people who will be performing that work will need a detailed understanding of PEAF and how to apply it appropriately. In order to gain that detailed understanding the phase begins with detailed framework training for the Project Team Members and higher level training for the Project Board.

We then can then (using PEAF) create our vision for Enterprise Architecture, the high level risks involved, and a detailed plan for the next phase.

If we obtain the mandate and resources to proceed, the next phase is Elaborating.



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