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Let’s forget EA for a moment. Let’s consider something that we already know - PRINCE2 - a Project Management Framework. You can substitute PRINCE2 here for any other framework that you know of - Six Sigma, MSP, LEAN - the idea here is the same.

Here we identify the things that PRINCE2 claims to achieve. It aims to increase our maturity (Effectiveness and Efficiency) with respect to Project Management. Adopting PRINCE2 is not about doing Project Management - it is about how we do Project Management.

So, can we achieve all these things without utilising a Project Management framework like PRINCE2? The answer is, yes of course we can. If we have experienced Project Managers and they are allowed to execute their role in the way they know to be efficient and effective they would have no reason to adopt PRINCE2.

If we do get the mandate to utilise PRINCE2, will utilising it guarantee we will achieve these things? The answer is of course No. If our people are not given adequate training and time to understand it and/or if they are then driven to execute their role in ways that they then know are ineffective and inefficient then PRINCE2 adoption would fail.

So when seeking the mandate and resources to adopt PRINCE2 we would have to say - If we don’t it doesn’t mean we will fail and if we do it doesn’t mean we will succeed.

So why would we adopt PRINCE2?


Questions to ponder...

Has your Enterprise adopted other frameworks?

How was the mandate to do so secured?

Who in your Enterprise, was Accountable for its selection and adoption?

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