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BOOK - Enterprise Architecture - A Pragmatic Approach Using PEAF


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In this section, we look at the Artefacts of PEAF. The artefacts deal with the structures required for Structural and Transformational description. The WHAT.

Interestingly it is the thing that most frameworks and ontologies focus on, which when you see the other quite important things like Methods, Culture and Environment might make you wonder how much value they contain.

It is understandable however, that people concentrate on Artefacts as they are very “tangible” - the things being produced and consumed - but also because many frameworks come from IT departments and IT people, and IT people love datamodels, ontologies and Meta-models, and those types of things are reasonably easy to produce. Methods, Environment and Cultural things are much harder to produce and therefore tend not to be.

Here we consider the Artefacts for the whole Transformation domain (as defined by POET) and highlight the Artefacts within the EA domain.

Essentially we are concerned with the Transformational and Structural information utilised by the Strategising and Roadmapping phases (as defined in the Methods section) and the associated Governance/Lobbying work down to projects.

The structural information is represented at three levels of abstraction: Enterprise Context, Contextual and Conceptual, and in support of these three Structural levels, there are two Transformational levels that support the phases and allow the transformation between the Structural Levels to happen.


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Questions to ponder...

In what way does your Enterprise consider Transformational and Structural models at these levels?

What ontologies and Meta-models are you using?

How do they map to, and fit into this Ontology?

Are they any gaps or overlaps?

If there are gaps and or overlaps, is it useful to know that?

What will you do to fill the gaps and remove the overlaps?

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