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Many people believe and espouse that…

“EA is all about - Bridging the gap between the business and IT”

Many People

Note - use of the term “The Business” here, is used because that is how many people who talk about EA refer to “everything else in the Enterprise that is not IT”. I do not necessarily subscribe to this label but since most people use these two terms together I am also using them to help explain, using terms that people currently use.

Until around 2005 I also thought that EA was all about “Bridging the gap between the business and IT”. The reason I thought this was mainly because that’s what everyone, including many EA’s, were telling me. But having begun my quest for the truth of EA it soon dawned on me, that the idea that EA is some kind of physical thing that bridges a gap was erroneous.

In any Enterprise “The Business” and IT are inextricably linked. There is no gap. In addition, if you view EA as a kind of marriage counsellor between “The Business” and IT, helping to bring them closer together, then again EA should not be about bridging the gap, it should be about removing the gap.

My thoughts about EA also had brought me to the conclusion that the only purpose of EA was an enable and support Transformation of the Enterprise. For if the Enterprise never changed, there would be no reason to use EA at all.

So, since EA is all about Transformation, and since EA (aka Roadmapping) was the work that was done between strategy formulation on the one hand and projects (the execution of change) on the other it because obvious that a much more valid statement was:

“EA is all about - Bridging the gap between Strategy and Execution”

Pragmatic EA Ltd

Do people in your Enterprise think EA is about Bridging the gap between the business and IT?

Do you think that talking in terms of Business and IT in this manner is helpful?

Do you think that the statement that EA is all about Bridging the gap between Strategy and Execution is a more helpful way of viewing the world?

If not, why not?


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