Enterprise Architecture

A Pragmatic Approach Using PEAF


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The first thing to note is that whenever we refer to any Architecture, we are referring to it set in it’s context. For example, while there is a box called Enterprise Architecture on the diagram, Enterprise Architecture is NOT only the things contained in the box. Enterprise Architecture is also the things outside the box, because it includes the things that are part of it’s Context. There are many things outside an Enterpise but we do not show all of them. We only show the things that influence the Enterprise, or are influenced by it.

We have to draw and speak in this way because if we drew a box to represent EA that included its context, we would lose the distinction between things that are part of an architecture, because they are part of the architecture, and the things that are part of the architecture because they are related to the architecture. This is one of the key reasons people find it so difficult to define what EA is.


Questions to ponder...

Do you agree with this diagram?

If not, how would you change it?

How would you draw a diagram to express what EA is in relation to other architectures?

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