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A Pragmatic Approach Using PEAF


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This is not a list of the things that EA can be useful for per se, as EA is useful at all levels throughout the Enterprise and at all times. This is a list of some catalysts that can cause people to begin to think about adopting EA.

All these things have one thing in common. Enterprise Transformation. Not only that….

Large Transformation. Fundamental Transformation. Strategic Transformation.

Enterprises begin to look at EA because of a simple truth - you cannot change what you cannot understand and you cannot understand what you cannot see. To figure out what to change and in what way, the Enterprise (or rather the “Project”) is forced to embark upon modelling things. This is a large part of EA but the problem is, most Enterprises embark on this process only from the perspective of that particular “project” (albeit large) rather than from the perspective of putting sustainable things in place that can be used in the future as well, long after this project has ceased to exist - which is the whole point of an EA model.

It is a great shame, because it is precisely at these times where you can get benefit from an investment in EA in the shorter term - since that investment will generate immediately benefit for the large Transformation “project” in question. If you cannot invest in an increase in EA Maturity at these times, you probably never will.


Questions to ponder...

Have any of these catalysts existed in your Enterprise?

Was the opportunity to adopt EA properly taken up?

If not, why not? What needs to change so next time it will be?

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