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A Pragmatic Approach Using PEAF


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It is possible for one person to fulfil both roles (if given the mandate to do so), however, they are different in some fundamental respects.

The Type 1 Enterprise Architect’s main role is not to “do” EA but to increase an Enterprises maturity in its use of EA - to ultimately allow those who “do” EA to be more effective and efficient.

This type of EA does not need any detailed business or IT knowledge, but they do need detailed knowledge about the EA profession, EA Frameworks and how to increase an Enterprise’s EA maturity. That can come from their own innate knowledge and experience (a framework - even though it doesn’t have a name and is not written down), from a published framework such as PEAF, or more likely a mixture of the two.

They can work in any type of Enterprise and can be equally as effective. It doesn’t matter to a Type 1 EA whether the Enterprise is a bank, an oil company, a medical centre, the tax office, a university, an aircraft manufacturer, a hotel, an online retailer or a dog grooming company.

How transformation is effected and how its maturity can be increased is independent of the type of Enterprise. How Transformation is effected and the approach to the Transformation of Transformation is the same. What will ultimately be transformed (the Enterprise) can be very different but How transformation is effected is fundamentally the same irrespective of the type of Enterprise.

This type of EA therefore, is not an expert in your Enterprises Operations. They are (should be) an expert in the Enterprise called Transformation - that exists within all Enterprises. When interviewing for this type of person it is futile to ask questions such as “How much Banking Experience do you have”.


Questions to ponder...

Do you agree with these basic requirements for a Type 1 EA?

If not, what would you change?

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