How was Training?


“I gained a better understanding of the terminology and processes involved in setting up an effective EA program ” - IT Architect, Hasbro, USA, Dec 2012

Recommend PEAF?


“Yes - Its a very useful light weight tool from strategic perspective , we can easily focus our vision mission and goals and achieve demand management and capacity management for the enterprise” - Director, Spectra Mind Solutions, India, May 2012

The Type 2 Enterprise Architect’s main role is “do” EA for which he/she needs detailed (architecturally) Business and IT knowledge.

They need to really understand whatever the primary business role of the Enterprise is (be it a bank, an oil company, a medical centre, the tax office, a university, an aircraft manufacturer, a hotel, an online retailer or a dog grooming company) but also the Enterprise Context that that Enterprise Operates within.

They also need to really understand the place of IT within the Enterprise but also in the Enterprise Context in terms of vendors, products, services and technologies - both old, existing and upcoming - as part of their job is to highlight Technology Catalysts where a particular vendor, product, service or technology is exposed to the senior business executives that might provide competitive advantage.


Who in your Enterprise currently fulfils this role?

Are they called an Enterprise Architect?


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