Many of the things that EA aims to do will not be readily received by many people. This is because adopting EA is a paradigm shift. One could say that if there were no resistance then either you are not doing your job properly or the Enterprise is already mature enough in its use of EA. This is because the paradigm shift involves changing the culture of the Enterprise and therefore how people are motivated.

There are no bad people, only bad contexts (Culture) and if we want to change people’s behaviour we need to concentrate on changing the context rather than trying to change the people.

¨      People may not like EA exposing problems or mistakes because the Enterprises culture punishes those that do.

¨      People may not like EA breaking down silos and fiefdoms because the Enterprise’s culture tends to motivate them financially and with promotions to build them.

¨      People may not like to think about the benefit to the whole Enterprise because the Enterprise’s management measures them only on their small part of it.


Who in your Enterprise will hate EA?

What do you need to do to stop them hating EA?


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