Enterprise Architecture

A Pragmatic Approach Using PEAF


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In many respects Enterprise Architecture can be compared to gardening - or more accurately the Methods, Artefacts, Culture and Environmental things that allow a gardener to produce a pleasant garden or to grow fruit and vegetables.

A lot of people try to “sell” Enterprise Architecture with quick wins and low-hanging fruit. Whilst we will certainly not ignore such opportunities if they exist, to pursue only those quick wins is totally against the raison d'ętre of Enterprise Architecture.

Enterprise Architecture is concerned with creating the correct environment for the gardener and the garden to be effective and efficient. Creating the correct environment does not in itself create the garden, but as every gardener will know, that environment can have a massive positive or negative impact on the garden. This is exactly the same for Enterprise Architecture - we are creating the environment required for an Enterprise (participating in an Enterprise) to grow, to flourish, to bloom and to bear fruit - not only for this year but for next year and for many years to come. Implementing changes to become more mature in how Enterprise Architecture is utilised does not in itself do this, but provides the environment for this to happen.

Many gardeners also know you can try to create the correct environment through trial and error (and sometimes for specific reasons it is beneficial to do this), but generally speaking the best gardeners lever and utilise the tips, tricks and knowledge of other gardeners as much as possible. In this respect, they are using Frameworks.

There is a lot information about Enterprise Architecture. Much of it is conflicting, inconsistent, inapplicable or unusable. This is why PEAF was created - to provide a small and concise set of real things to use rather than long winded ivory tower opinion and explanations - knowledge that will allow the garden and the gardener to flourish.

Kevin Lee Smith

The Pragmatic Gardener


Questions to ponder...

What do you use, for the Logical model for your Enterprise’s EA capability?

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