How was Training?


“I enjoyed the course and it was very helpful.” - Senior Information Systems Analyst, Dept. Health Care Services, USA, May 2013

Recommend PEAF?


“Yes - Firstly because I believe that every practice of the EA discipline will provide valuable insights as we continue to evolve in our journey towards an effective, efficient and accepted EA practice. Secondly, our team often use the excuse that we under” - Research and Analysis Manager, Standard bank, South Africa, Jan 2015

The steps in the bottom part of this process (in grey) are there to illustrate what work should be going on in a project as part of the Initiating phase. PEAF does not prescribe what these are (that is the job of PEEF - The Pragmatic Enterprise Engineering Framework) but we need to document them so we can show how Governance & Lobbying fits in, and also to make sure it fits in, in the correct way.


Does your current Project Process start with a clear definition of the Business Problem?

Does your Governance ensure that all options have been considered?

Do you expose Enterprise Debt™ as it is being created?

If you do not do one or more of the above, does that cause issues and problems?

If so, what are the effects of those issues and problems?

What will you do to solve them?



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