How was Training?


“A very positive and educational experience.” - Business Analyst - MGR IT, PPDI, USA, Sep 2010

Recommend PEAF?


“Yes - Good starting point for light touch EA, i.e. EA that has relevance to business (c.f. academic, pseudo-scientific TOGAF approach which has little connection with business realities)” - Director, Metacircular Limited, UK, Jun 2012


Does your Enterprise recognise this as a phase?

If not, how is this work recognised?

Does your Enterprise recognise how this work it fits into the whole Transformation cascade - from Strategy to Transitioning?

If not, how does it make sure that it works coherently with the phases around it?

What does your Enterprise call this phase?

Who in your Enterprise is accountable for this work being performed?

Who in your Enterprise is responsible for performing this work?

Who do they hand the output of their work over to?



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