Enterprise Architecture

A Pragmatic Approach Using PEAF


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Pragmatic EA is a non-profit research company, dedicated to developing Best Practice in relation to the structure and transformation of Enterprises. All profits are poured back into the continuous evolution and creation of best practice. This best practice, contributes to the existing best practice in the marketplace, such as PRINCE2, MSP, TOGAF, etc. Pragmatic is tracking over 900 frameworks currently in the marketplace.

Pragmatic EC is a consulting company which uses any appropriate Best Practice (whether developed by Pragmatic EA or not) to help Enterprises mature any or all parts of their Transformation Capability (from Strategy to Deployment). This is done by consulting, training, mentoring and publishing.

Pragmatic EC is unique, because it’s domain of excellence is, how Enterprises effect Transformation not the doing Transformation. That is, our mission is to help Enterprises mature their Transformation capability, not their Operations capability. This contrasts with almost all other consultancies, which concentrate on improving the Operations part of Enterprises, and as such have people who are experts in various business verticals such as Financial, Pharma, Energy, Health, etc.

Pragmatic EC can work with Enterprises in any business vertical, since the fundamentals of an Enterprises Transformation capability, is not dependant upon the type of Business they are in. In the same way that HR or Finance is carried out, is fundamentally the same in all Enterprises, so the way Transformation is carried out (or should be carried out) is the same in all Enterprises. The output of HR, Finance and Transformation may be directed towards a specific business vertical, but the fundamentals of HR, Finance and Transformation are the same for all.

Our centre of excellence is…

The Transformation of Transformation.

Questions to ponder...

What Companies do you know of, that create best practice relating to Enterprise Transformation?

What Consultancies do you know of, that are focussed on the Transformation of Transformation, rather than the Transformation of Operations?

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