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Enterprise Architecture

A Pragmatic Approach Using PEAF

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The artefacts defined in PEAF constitute the EA Meta-model and some of its content such as Principles.

There are many Meta-models that already exist (for the reasons defined above) and the lack of a Meta-model has never really been a reason why EA initiatives fail. For this reason, PEAF does not concentrate on defining a complete and detailed Meta-model (no point reinventing the wheel). However, PEAF does defines some important things that are usually missing and also exposes a higher level structure that people can use to understand how the detailed Meta-models they wish to use fit and relate. read more, please Login or Register

Questions to ponder...

With respect to your Enterprises EA capability, what Artefacts are used?

Are those Artefacts documented? Understood?

Are they fit for purpose?

Are they used? All the time? Only when it suits?

Which of them are Good? Why? Bad? Why?

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