How was Training?


“I enjoyed the course and it was very helpful.” - Senior Information Systems Analyst, Dept. Health Care Services, USA, May 2013

Recommend PEAF?


“Yes - I feel it has the core governance tools and principles to focus people on the key requirements of enterprise requirements. WHich you will not find in many places, oif course there is TOGAF but i feel PEAF is got a very instructive approach. I use this to teach students as well.” - Lecturer, University of Technology, Mauritius, Mauritius, May 2010

Direction follows MACE. This is the domain that POED helps to structure. POED effectively defines the Conceptual Operating Model for Enterprise Direction.

Within your Enterprise, Direction is using an Operating Model - whether it is good or bad, documented or not.

POED is currently under construction.

What Operating model do you use for Direction?

Do people know what it is?

Is it fit for purpose?

If not, who is Accountable for improving it?

Who is Responsible for improving it?


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