How was Training?


“It's a good training.” - Executive Director (PVG), PPDI, USA, Sep 2010

Recommend PEAF?


“Yes - Easy to understand it and, if not using by itself, to get guidance in your activity.” - Billing Development Manager, Orange Romania, Romania, Jun 2012

EMMA is an ontology used to categorise information and methods relating to maturing something.



Measure how mature we are and if we should investigate increasing our maturity.


Determine how to change, and to secure the mandate and budget required to do so.


Make the changes identified to increase our maturity


A model which provides the Motivation, Actions, Guidance, Measures and Assessment to allow an increase in maturity.


Do the frameworks you use define phases for adoption?

Do the frameworks you use define a maturity model for their adoption?

If not, how do you know how, when and what parts of a framework to adopt?


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