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Another often used saying is “Work Smart not Hard.” Again - it sounds like one of those marketing type statements, that sounds great, but no one can tell you how to put that into practice. Propelling a bike in first gear is working hard - It uses a massive amount of pedalling for not much forward motion. Propelling a bike in tenth gear is working smart - It produces a massive amount of forward motion for not much pedalling.

Put simply, being Pragmatic means - Doing things right - Efficiency.

Of course, if you only fit your bike with tenth gear, while it may offer the possibility of going very fast, it may not even allow you to start. For that you need first gear. So it’s not only about being in the right gear, but being in the right gear at the right time.

Fitting your bike with two gears - or a selection of gears - is the solution, but doing so requires a bigger investment than only fitting one gear, and that requires the realisation that multiple gears are necessary in the first place.


Questions to ponder...

What gear is your Enterprise in?

How many gears does it have?

Does it need any more?

Who will Architect them? Design them? Fit them? Maintain them?

Who will drive it? Who will pay for it?

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