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A Pragmatic Approach Using POET



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Most things in the world today are hopelessly fragmented, and things that are supposed to bring things together, seem to be doing the exact opposite.

Why is this the case?

I believe it is because, in general, most people ache for more detail, more and more depth. Because getting into more and more detail, and more and more depth is comforting. More and more detail and more and more depth, make people experts in a particular field. It is a route to career development (more responsibility and more money) whilst still staying in your comfort zone.

There is nothing inherently wrong with this per se. It is how experts are born. But, for everyone to be able to operate in their own comfort zone, and for various comfort zones to work together harmoniously we must look at the bigger picture - and therein lies the problem. The bigger picture takes people out of their comfort zone.

Foundations are important. Everyone knows that. No one would build a house without good foundations, and no one would buy a house without good foundations. But that is only physical foundations.

Foundations also exist in knowledge about things, and approaches to achieving things, but the world has become obsessed with more and more depth and more and more detail.

It seems to be acceptable nowadays to treat with derision, anyone that even remotely comes close, to talking about something that is not buried in vast amounts of detail. It appears to have become accepted, that advancement comes with just creating more detail, rather than considering things from a more fundamental perspective.

So although everyone knows that foundations are important, why is it that no one seems to be in the least bit interested in them?

Detail has brought us far, but is more and more detail going to get us to where we want to be? Need to be? Of course there will always be detail but is detail enough in the 21st Century?

The more people and Enterprises have concentrated on detail, the more detached they have become from important fundamentals.

The “pond” of Pragmatic is defined by its Mission Statement:

“To provide Enterprises with Pragmatic frameworks to enable them to increase their maturity in how they fulfil their Mission”

In order to do so we first need to put some fundamentals in place.

Fundamentals that apply to all parts of the Enterprise.

This section contains a number of fundamentals about the Pragmatic Family of Frameworks. It sets out some definitions, fundamental ontologies, explains the licensing model and introduces the frameworks in the Family.


Questions to ponder...

What fundamental/foundations does your Enterprise Use?

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