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Enterprise Transformation

A Pragmatic Approach Using POET


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This phase is concerned with utilising POET to perform a detailed analysis of the Enterprise’s Transformation Maturity with respect to it.

After determining the current state of maturity, the maturity model (provided by the POET) is used to understand the benefits of moving to higher levels of maturity and the tasks and costs associated with doing so.

In addition the Risks associated with this increase in maturity are detailed and risk mitigation strategies are decided upon that will be carried out in subsequent phases.

Metrics are also detailed so that progress and benefits can be measured.

In addition to detailing the risks going forward, there may be risk mitigation actions to be performed in this phase that were determined in the previous phase.

This work largely consists of using all the Guidance that POET provides and using it to determine what needs to change and how. This can be accomplished by answering all the questions that POET poses.

Executive Management will then decide to proceed to the next phase, to pause, or even stop the initiative at this point.

If we obtain the mandate and resources to proceed, the next phase is Constructing.


Questions to ponder...

Have the Senior Management of your Enterprise created a Transformation evaluation project?

Have they understood their current level of maturity?

Have they defined a target level of maturity?

Have they created a plan to construct the Methods, Artefacts, Culture and Environment required to attain that level of maturity?

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