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Enterprise Transformation

A Pragmatic Approach Using POET


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POET is a framework and therefore is governed by EMMA for its use and adoption. The three phases, as defined by EMMA, map to the six fundamental phases of Transformation:

For each of the phases, we indicate (in green) the resources required to execute it, and (in red) the resources that are being sought to execute the next phase.

¨      Evaluate - Measured in days.

¨      Strategising - Why Should I Care?

This sets out the high level reasons why any other work should take place. It should take less than 30 minutes to explain to a member of the C-Suite or senior Executive and sets the domain of interest.

¨      Roadmapping - Select Framework.

This selects a framework to help with the domain selected, and performs a high level evaluation of the Enterprises Maturity with respect to it in to determine what work might be required to utilise it.

In addition, at this point, it may also be decided that other sub-parts may require improvement. If that is the case then those initiatives would begin their own journey using EMMA with Strategising and “Why Should I Care?” and would become sub initiatives.

¨      Analyse - Measured in weeks.

¨      Initiating - Understand Framework Application

Here we do whatever is necessary to understand how to apply the Framework that has been selected. This may entail reading books, attending workshops or training, using a consultancy or any combination thereof depending on the Enterprise and the individuals involved.

¨      Elaborating - Plan Rollout.

Here we use the framework to consider our maturity in detail. What level we are at, what level we wish to attain, what the benefits are, and what actions need to be taken in order to effect that increase in maturity.

¨      Modify - Measured in months.

¨      Constructing - Develop Changes.

Here we use the contents of the framework to produce the things required to effect the increase in maturity.

¨      Transitioning - Rollout Changes.

Here those things are rolled out into live operation.

The ultimate goal is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the domain in question.


Questions to ponder...

Do you periodically evaluate your maturity with respect to the Frameworks your Enterprise has already adopted?

If not, how are increases made?

What “kicks off” this work?

Who is Accountable for it?

What overall process does your Enterprise utilise to increase its maturity in how it effects Direction, Operation, Transformation and Support?

Is it adequate?

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