How was Training?


“Interaction with the trainer and colleagues was valuable in setting the principles firmly into a real-world context.” - Integration Architect, Experian, UK, Mar 2013

Recommend PEAF?


“Yes - I think it is very important to study, understand, organize and improve the organization's architecture. And I like the Peaf structure, organization and body of knowledge.” - Consultant, Inmetro, Brazil, May 2010

This phase is concerned with rolling out the changes into live operation in addition to mitigating any outstanding risks.

Once that has been done, there will be a <Time Period> in the process while those changes bed-in and are utilised.

At some point in the future (perhaps after 6 months or 1 year), the metrics previously created are utilised to measure the benefits or otherwise. From that, an Adjustment Plan may be created and agreement and resources sought to execute it.


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