Enterprise Transformation

A Pragmatic Approach Using POET


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The False Accomplishment barrier to getting an Enterprise to mature its Transformation capability is that many enterprises think they have already “done” some kind of maturation when in fact they have not.

The fact of the matter is that most Enterprise are very bad at using and adopting frameworks. Most believe it merely entails sending a group of people on a training course who then immediately go back to their day jobs when the course is over, instead of using what they have learned to mature the domain the course covered.

Because people have gone on a course, a lot of Enterprises then mentally tick the “completed” box and therefore are not willing to revisiting the domain later, because they believe they have already “done it”.

Tied up in all this is politics and psychology. When something is tried and failed, it is often not tried again because trying it again confirms the first attempt was a failure, whereas if you never try again an Enterprise can bask in the glow of thinking something has been done when in fact it hasn’t. The worst of all possibilities.


Questions to ponder...

Has your Enterprise already “done” EA?

Does your Enterprise already have an “EA framework”?

Has your company just sent people on a course and not followed it up with real implementation?

How can you get round that?

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