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A Pragmatic Approach Using POET


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We live in a world where things that can have a massive impact on improving the world, do not even get mentioned, whereas things that are “sexy” or “salacious” etc are mentioned all the time. Many things of value are not “sexy” while many things that have almost no value are “sexy”.

I have tried to get POET and PEAF widely seen for many years and have always accepted that although I may be a good person to author them, I am perhaps the worst person to publicise or market them. Perhaps largely due to the fact that I hate marketing!

But, is it me that is the problem, or something else? I theorised that the problem was that what I want to talk about is just not “sexy” enough.

To test my theory, I wrote a book called “Hillary Rotten Clinton - What Happened”. It was a real book. A Parody of Hillary Clintons book where she explained why everyone else was to blame for her losing the 2016 US Presidential election to Donald Trump. Since my view was that it was Hillary Clinton who was to blame for Hillary Clinton losing the 2016 US Presidential election to Donald Trump, my book just had Hillary Clintons face on each page.

I then sent a copy to Fox News to see if they would mention it.

To my utter amazement, they did. October 9 2017. A link to the video is:


It is extremely depressing that I cannot get on the news to talk about POET and PEAF and how they can help Businesses and Governments save billions of Łs/$s (while at the same time improving the quality of life of all the people that work in the Transformation domain) but I can get on the news with a pointless book that makes people smile. A sad indictment of our civilisation in 2019. If we reward people that spend 1 day creating a funny book, while ignoring people that spend thousands of man hours creating frameworks to improve the world and the lives of the people in it, how can civilisation progress?


Questions to ponder...

Do the Leaders and Management of your Enterprise only pay attention to the next sexy thing?

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