Enterprise Transformation

A Pragmatic Approach Using POET


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Context is made of different types:

¨      Requirements define why a System exists. It’s raison d'être. For example, the purpose of a plant is to reproduce, nothing more. But Requirements can also be complex with multiple purposes that interact in complex ways. For example, the purpose of a concert is to provide entertainment to a group of humans but it is also to make money for the promoters and performers and increase awareness of the performers “brand” while at the same time providing gainful employment to various other people and giving the performers a massive ego boost!

¨      Constraints define things which limit or constrain the System in some way. These constraints can be Structural in nature or Transformational. For example, a plant is constrained structurally by the ground it exists within and transformationally by the limitations of photosynthesis.

It should also be noted that the context of a System can also be deemed to be a System and therefore that every Context has a Context!

Context is comforting; context is good - Have you ever been in a traffic jam - feeling irritated and frustrated. A lot of that comes from not knowing the context for the jam - the WHY. Like queuing at the doctors, it’s not the wait that’s the problem, it’s not knowing how long the wait will be or why you are waiting that is frustrating.

Losing sight of context, or not paying attention to it, is akin to losing spatial awareness in the cockpit of an aircraft. Many have crashed because the pilots have become disconnected from their environment. Similarly many have also crashed because the pilots spent so much time concentrating on solving problems with the aircraft they lost sight of the bigger picture.

Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 crashed into the Florida Everglades in December 1972 killing 101 people because the entire flight crew (4 people with over 50,000 hours of flying experience and a combined age of 192) became so preoccupied with a burned out landing gear indicator light they didn’t notice that the autopilot had become disconnected, prompting the incredible phrase “Who’s flying the plane?”. There are many other examples.

You could also view Context is an inalienable human right and to deny people context is a form of abuse.


Questions to ponder...

Are you aware of the things in your context?

What are they?

How do you interact with things in your context?

How do you the things in your context interact with you?

Who is “flying” the aircraft of Enterprise Transformation in your Enterprise?

Are they spatially aware?

If not, what would help them to concentrate on the bigger picture?

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