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Here we compare frameworks in terms of the level of guidance they provide versus where they sit in the Transformation cascade (From Strategy to Deployment)

·         Zachman provides very low detail and only in the structural parts of the cascade.

·         POET provides more detail, and covers transformation as well as structure.

·         PEAF provides more detail again, but only in the domain of Enterprise Architecture - Strategy, Roadmapping and the Governance of those phases.

·         PEEF also provides more detail, but only in the domain of Enterprise Engineering - Initiating, Elaborating, Constructing, Transitioning and the Governance of those phases.

·         TOGAF provides much more detail but only in Initiation to Elaboration and the governance of Construction, although it does touch on Roadmapping.

·         COBIT and ITIL provide good detail but only in a narrow focus.


Where do the frameworks your Enterprise uses map onto this diagram?

Do the frameworks you use cover the areas you need to cover?

What do you use to guide the use of Frameworks?



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