Enterprise Transformation

A Pragmatic Approach Using POET


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In many ways, the key to Transformation happening in a coherent, holistic fashion is the Architecture and Engineering Disciplines working together in harmony.

It is natural that the drive is always towards Engineering because it is Engineering that actually produces the tangible things that people want, but this overwhelming desire must be tempered and balanced by Architecture where appropriate. And while it is true that Architecture without Engineering is pointless, it is also true to say that Engineering without Architecture is foolhardy at best and at worst downright dangerous. And this risk increases as complexity and volatility rises.

The yin and yang of Architecture and Engineering is built upon the concept of the Thinking Mind-set and the Doing Mind-set. Research by psychologists Arie Kruglanski, Tory Higgins, and their colleagues suggests that we have two complementary motivational systems: the “thinking” system and the “doing” system - and we’re generally only capable of using one at a time.

Think about how you best generate new ideas. Often, you “brainstorm” or try to come up with as many ideas as possible. That is called diverging and requires our thinking system. At other times, you need to evaluate those ideas and figure out which ones are best. That is called converging, and it requires the activation of the doing system.


Questions to ponder...

Are the Architecture and Engineering disciplines recognised in your Enterprise?

Are they working in harmony or not?

If not, what will you do to increase the harmony?

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