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Enterprise Transformation

A Pragmatic Approach Using POET

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The culture that operates within all Enterprises is an intricate web and weave of culture from different places. National cultures can differ wildly for example from Brazil to Germany to Japan. Religion plays a part, more so in some places than others. Class structures can exist which produce their own culture. All these things influence Professional and Business culture. Professional Culture relates to the culture associated with particular professions, like Engineering or Accounting or Nursing or IT which go on to influence the people that exist within those professions. Business culture relates to the culture associated with particular Business sectors like Banking or Pharmaceuticals or Retail or Academia which go on to influence the overall culture of a particular Enterprise. read more, please Login or Register

Questions to ponder...

Do you understand the Culture in your Enterprise?

Have you modelled it?

If you havenít modelled it, how can you see it?

If you canít see it, how can you understand it?

If you donít understand it, how can you change it?

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