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Although we all like to think of ourselves as individuals (and that’s a good thing) it is possible to create categories or “types” of people traits, based on certain criteria. Having created these categories, it is then possible to compare and contrast these traits to understand how one person relates to (or should relate to?) another person.

This is a bit of a minefield though, as you will find proponents and detractors alike that hold very firmly held beliefs about the accuracy or otherwise of such methods. Personally, I think they are wonderful methods for understanding yourself, other people, how you interact with other people and how other people interact with you. Anything that makes understanding and communication better, and easier has got to be a good idea!

People test their own personality traits using these links

¨      www.16personalities.com

¨      www.123test.com

The Belbin website is www.belbin.com and the MBTI one is www.myersbriggs.org

Highlighted in red are the categories I fall into for Belbin and MBTI.

In Belbin I am categorised as a plant and a shaper, while in MBTI I am categorised as a Mastermind and an Architect.

The reason I fall into two categories, is because for some people they are truly a merging of two distinct but related types. For example, I have long thought of myself as an architect and an engineer. Two roles that are fundamentally different, and yet could be considered to be two sides of the same coin.


Questions to ponder...

What are your MBTI or Belbin results?

Do you agree with them?

What are the MBTI or Belbin results of your colleagues?

Does your Enterprise use personality trait measurement?

If not, do you think it would be beneficial?

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