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BOOK - Enterprise Transformation - A Pragmatic Approach Using POET


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The Dunning-Kruger effect (defined by David Dunning & Justin Kruger) is a cognitive bias, where people that have a low Competence tend to have the illusion of superiority, as they do not possess the ability to assess their own ability. This means they assess their own ability as higher than it actually is. Essentially, the lack of people with low-cognitive ability, to recognise they are of low-cognitive ability - because they do not possess the cognitive ability, to assess their cognitive ability.

The less people know, the less they realise that there are things they don’t know.

The more people know, the more they realise that there are things they don’t know.

There is a saying:

“If you think you understand the problem, you clearly do not understand the problem.”

- Unknown


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Questions to ponder...

Do people in your Enterprise exhibit high levels of confidence, while having a low level of knowledge and/or experience?

Can you think of examples where this has happened in the past?

Who were they? What was the impact? Why do you think they acted in this way?

What needs to change to reduce the likelihood of it happening in the future?

Who needs to drive that change?

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