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A Pragmatic Approach Using POET


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One of the curses (“my name is Legion, for we are many”) of being an Architect is that they often can see things, as plain as day, that others who are not Architects cannot see. This does NOT mean that Architects are in some way superior or more important. It just means they are different. It’s like everyone else can only see visible light, but Architects can see the full spectrum from infrared to ultraviolet and beyond. Architects can hear what others cannot hear, feel what others cannot feel, smell what others cannot smell and taste what others cannot taste.

But there is another curse far worse than all of these. And that is that Architects can see into the future. I don’t mean, of course, that they can tell you the winner of the 4:15 as Ascot! What I mean is that they have the uncanny ability (some may call it a sixth sense) to be able to foresee things, to think ahead. In fact it’s more than a sense, it is almost what defines them to be Architects in the first place. Ignore an Architect because he is talking about things in the future and there is no point in employing him in the first place!

Actually, although everyone knows and is taught that there are five senses, this is in fact wrong (as are many things taught in school!). The five senses we commonly know about come from Aristotle who also got it wrong when he said that there are only four elements (Earth, Fire, Water, and Air). Today, it is thought that there are actually anywhere from nine to twenty one senses, for example; Pressure, Itch, Thermoception, Proprioception, Tension Sensors, Nociception, Equilibrioception, Stretch Receptors, Chemoreceptors, Thirst, Hunger, Magnetoception and Time.

Architects do not necessarily discover new things, more they discover new ways of seeing existing things. Putting things “in a new light”.

 “New Light through Old Windows”

- Chris Rea

Architects expose things that can provide new insights into existing things. When people see New Light through Old Windows it can change fundamentally how they see and approach things, the decisions they take and why. This is one thing that POET helps to do, but it’s a difficult thing to see - hence the references to SEPs and the Magic Eye picture at the beginning.

Since Architects can see, hear, taste, feel, and smell things that others cannot and also have the ability to peer into the future, they therefore know things that others do not know. Some may say, secrets. And as someone once said:

“The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows”.

- Aristotle Onassis.

It may be surprising to people, that the leaders of Enterprises do not see the value that Architects can bring to all domains rather than just IT. In time they will. I know because I am an Architect and I can see into the future ;-)


Questions to ponder...

Would you like to see things others cannot?

Would you like know things others do not?

Do you think seeing into the future is valuable?

We are very happy to use animals that have super-senses like the dogs to sniff out drugs and explosives, so why do people shy away from using that strange “animal” called an Architect?

Does your Enterprise shy away from Architects?

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