Enterprise Transformation

A Pragmatic Approach Using POET


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Justification for the investment required to make the changes necessary to utilise The Architecture Paradigm™ cannot be based on numbers or normal simple cost/benefit justification. Any attempt to do so will end in disaster. Any potential benefits tend to be hard to understand, quantify and express (especially in terms of impact on the bottom line) and the realisation of the benefits after the Transformation of Transformation tend to be slow and cannot be as immediately felt. This is because the benefits of improving Transformation only materialise after subsequent projects (which Transform other things like Operations), execute within that improved Transformation environment.

“You Can’t ‘Cost-Justify’ Architecture”

- John A. Zachman.

Justification MUST therefore be based on understanding when it’s applicable and when it’s not. Just as there are times when use is critically important, there are also times when it is of no use whatsoever. The trick is to understand where you are on that continuum and more importantly where you are likely to be in the short, medium and long term.

How applicable and beneficial it is, is a function of the Structural Complexity and Transformational Volatility of the “thing” in question which come together to form Transformational Complexity. Therefore the applicability of utilising The Architecture Paradigm™ rises as a function of rising Structural Complexity Transformational Volatility aka Transformational Complexity. If Transformational Complexity is low then use of The Architecture Paradigm™ is of little use but as Transformational Complexity rises, use of The Architecture Paradigm™ becomes mandatory.


Questions to ponder...

Where is your Enterprise on this graph?

Where will it be in the next one, three, five years?

What will you do then?

What will you do now to prepare for then?

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