Enterprise Transformation

A Pragmatic Approach Using POET


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Here we see how these disciplines are orchestrated together to form the work carried out within any phase. Note that Governance & Lobbying is not carried out once at the end but instead is continuously occurring.

We begin by Confirming the Motivation and Constraints we have been given and then go on to Refine the Motivation to the level required for this phase. At the same time we can begin to Discover the Current State that exists which is our starting point for what needs to be transformed. Having understood the requirements and the current state to a sufficient level we then go on to Design Solution Options and to choose an option. Finally we can do the “Real Work” which is to Design the Solution.

It is funny (or maybe that should be depressing) that many Enterprises operate Transformation processes that force people to work solely on the Design Solution work, without having done the necessary other work. The problems and issues associated with that kind of approach is obvious to understand - and yet it still happens in many Enterprises.

One particular project I once worked on (this is just one example of many) only had the Design Solution work in it and no Discovery. Being Mr Picky, insisted on doing the Discovery work (because it is impossible to change what you cannot see) before I did the Design Solution work. Instead of being thanked, my contract was not renewed.


Questions to ponder...

Does your Enterprise allow people to do required pre work?

Does your Enterprise provide all the input information required for people to do their jobs?

How does your Enterprise orchestrate the Transformation disciplines?

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