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BOOK - Enterprise Transformation - A Pragmatic Approach Using POET


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¨      Initiating - where a project starts up, requirements are understood and developed, various possible solutions are identified and considered, and a high level solution is chosen. (Please note that the word Solution is being used in its widest sense, not meaning an IT solution - although a solution may include IT.

¨      Elaborating - where this high level solution is developed into the designs required to “build” the solution.

¨      Constructing - where the designs are used to “build” the solution.

¨      Transitioning - where the solution (comprising changes to Methods, Artefacts, Environment and Culture) is deployed into Operations.

¨      Using (from the Operation Domain) - where the changed environment is utilised.


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Questions to ponder...

Does your Enterprise recognise these as Project phases?

If not, how is not recognising this phase likely to impact on your Enterprises Transformation Capability.

Does your Enterprise recognise how this work it fits into the whole Transformation cascade - from Strategy to Transitioning?

If not, how does it make sure that it works coherently with the phases around it?

What does your Enterprise call these phases?

Who in your Enterprise is accountable for each phase?

Who in your Enterprise is responsible for performing each phase?

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