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We begin by selecting a domain that we believe needs to be improved. In our case, that domain is Enterprise Architecture.

As The Architecture Paradigm™ teaches us, the most important question to ask is Why? Or more specifically Why Should I Care? For if no one cares, no progress will be made.

For Strategising we only initially need to ask “Senior Management” for 20 minutes of their time, where we lay out the basic premise, the fundamental problem, the fundamental solution and the next steps we want to perform (namely Roadmapping), finally asking them for the resources to be able to do that.

Senior Management means the CEO, CIO, COO, Head of Change Management, Head of Strategy and Architecture, etc. Although these latter titles may not be the same in many Enterprises the reader should get an idea of who we mean when we say “Senior Management”.

PEAF provides a self-running 20 minute PowerPoint presentation for exactly this purpose EA - Why Should I Care which can be downloaded from the website

Executive Management will then decide to proceed to the next phase, to pause, or even stop the initiative at this point.

If we obtain the mandate and resources to proceed, the next phase is Roadmapping.


Questions to ponder...

Do the Senior Management of your Enterprise care about EA?

If they don't, what will you do to bring it to their attention?

Are the Senior Management open to hearing about strategically important fundamental problems relating to EA?

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