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With respect to the Methods Enterprises currently use for EA, what general issues could motivate Enterprises to increase their EA Maturity?


Expose the issues your Enterprise faces with respect to the Methods being used for EA.

The methods used in our Enterprise for Strategising, Roadmapping and Project Governance are of insufficient maturity to be able to cope with the work required due to rising complexity and volatility.

We have a well-known and documented project process, SDLC, etc, but when it comes to Strategising, Roadmapping and Project Governance our approach is not clear. In addition, with the problems we are facing in the things we use to perform those actions (see why we want to increase our Maturity in the Artefacts) we need to adjust our processes to accommodate those changes and to exploit them. We are not saying that the people who do Strategising, Roadmapping and Project Governance are bad people or bad at their jobs - they are doing the best they can under the circumstances. It is the circumstances, the Methods being used, that are of insufficient maturity.

This does not mean we will throw away what and how we currently do things. It means we need to make adjustments here and there. Issues in how we do Strategising, Roadmapping and Project Governance create serious knock on problems which hides errors and inconsistencies of varying degrees from small to monumentally important. It is not a case of IF these issues will arise, it’s just a question of WHEN.

Without a proper method of how we do Strategising, Roadmapping and Project Governance it is impossible to find these errors and inconsistencies when the work is done which creates them - the right time. Therefore these errors and inconsistencies will be tripped over later on in project execution when much time, effort and money has been spent and therefore wasted.

We therefore need to take a more structured approach to the Methods we use.


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