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¨      Plate A illustrates the “normal” but flawed mental model, that many Enterprises have. It takes the view that the Business Strategy is written and then thrown over a wall to those IT bods to figure out the IT strategy, and out of that there then comes projects - Generally IT projects, because most transformation is all or mostly, about changing IT. Effectively the proper Roadmapping phase (the core of EA) is lost or, if not lost, is limited to and conflated with IT Strategy. read more, please Login or Register

Questions to ponder...

Do you agree with the definition of a “Strategy” above? If not, how would you define a “Strategy”?

Does your Enterprise define an integrated Enterprise Strategy (Business and IT)?

Does your Enterprise define an integrated Transformation Strategy (Business and IT)?

If not, does this cause any issues or problems?

If so what do you need to do to alleviate them?

What Meta-models do you currently use?

Do they have limitations?

How do you integrate them?

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