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“I really enjoyed the course. It was informative and eye-opening to the potential power of PEAF.” - Account Manager, Sage, USA, Aug 2013

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“Yes - It's a set of more practical EA frameworks than others in the field” - IT EA Manager, Los Angeles World Airports, USA, Jan 2015

Operating Model

¨      Methods

¨      Function - A hierarchical list of Top Level Business functions that the business carries out.

¨      Activity - A high Level logical grouping of business processes carried out by one or more departments.

¨      Artefacts

¨      Service - The services the Enterprise consumes or produces.

¨      Product - The products the Enterprise consumes or produces.

¨      Culture

¨      Value - Defines what is fair and unfair.

¨      Ethic - Rules of behaviour based on Morals.

¨      Moral - Relates what is right and wrong.

¨      Department - The departmental structure of the Enterprise.

¨      Environment

¨      Geography - Physical geographical locations.

¨      Service - A Technology Service used by Functions and activities.

Capability Model

¨      Methods

¨      Business Capability - Core business functionality required to fulfil Activities and Functions.

¨      Culture

¨      Role - A group of behaviours

¨      Environment

¨      Buildings - Physical structures.

¨      Technical Capability - Core technology functionality required to fulfil Activities and Functions.

¨      Application - The main applications in use.

¨      Datastore - The main groups of data in use.

¨      Device - A generic piece of hardware provided as or part of a service to the business.


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