How was Training?


“The materials were intriguing but the implication of the content was inspiring.” - Marketing Strategist, Elyon Strategies, USA, May 2013

Recommend PEAF?


“Yes - The barrier to entry is significantly lower than with other frameworks. It is easier to begin incremental implementation of aspects of PEAF without chewing off the whole lot. Furthermore, it is very easy to dovetail PEAF with other homegrown or professional EA frameworks.” - Lambrellis, Victorian Worksafe Authority, Australia, May 2010

If we take the output of the analysis and put it into a sentence we get this. Interestingly this seems to me to be a pretty reasonable definition of Enterprise Architecture. It closely matches the one PEAF defines, even though no one actually made the entire statement.


Do you agree with it?

If not why?

What would you add? Take away? Change?



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