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What do we get if we arrange the keywords from 300+ people about the purpose of EA into a short sentence?


When asking 300+ people the question “What is EA?”, the answer is surprising simple when you remove all the noise.

Reducing those words to something more succinct produces this.

Having done all this analysis work I had hoped that this would unite people behind a common definition since it was they who had effectively created it - I added nothing of my own views and only took, analysed and structured what people had said.

I was wrong. So wrong!

Having arrived at this definition, I then posted a link back to the discussion to a poll where I tabled this definition and asked people if they

¨      Strongly Disagree

¨      Somewhat Disagree

¨      Neither Agree Nor Disagree

¨      Somewhat Agree

¨      Strongly Agree

Out of the 278 people that supplied the 374 definitions, only 15 took the time to vote in the poll. And out of those, most (82%) either disagreed or sat on the fence.

There are various possible reasons why this occurred but I think it illustrates one certain truth - people love to disagree more than they love to agree. You might disagree!


Do you agree with it? If not why?

What would you add? Take away? Change?


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