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Where does EA and SA sit with respect to the phases of Transformation?


EA and SA are not the same thing. EA is not just big SA.

This graphic shows, at a high level, where Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture fits in the Enterprise in terms of:

¨      Processes - Planning, Change Projects and Operations.

¨      Disciplines - Solution Architecture, Business Architecture and Technical Architecture.

¨      Levels - The Contextual Business Vision down to an operating Enterprise.

¨      Input/Output - Shareholders and Value.

EA is a culture that pervades an Enterprise. EA does not make decisions. EA is not expensive. Implementation and operation of EA makes subtle changes to an Enterprise’s existing Methods, Artefacts, Culture and Environment related to Enterprise Transformation.

The interface between EA and SA is extremely important if an Enterprise’s Transformation efforts are to be Effective, Efficient, Agile and Durable.


Does this fit in with your Enterprises view of where Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture fits?

I not, how would you show how Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture fit together?

Is there anything in your Enterprise that you need to change?



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