How was Training?


“I thought it achieved the purpose of explaining EA and how to put it in place, and it was helpful that the instructor integrated the education with a reasonable understanding of what we already have in place.” - IT Architect, Hasbro, USA, Jan 2013

Recommend PEAF?


“No - Haven't really spent enough time on it” - Individual, Paul Lund, Australia, Jan 2015

Of course this kind of partnership structure is not well represented on an Organogram because Organograms are by their nature hierarchical.

This diagram shows how the three roles should work together in partnership, with no one role having veto powers over the others.

Where there is disagreement, the Project Board will decide (after hearing the views of each) and if the Project Board cannot reach agreement then the EARG (Enterprise Architecture Review Group) will decide - which may require escalation to the SIB (Strategic Investment Board).

Note that all Project Board will have an Enterprise Architecture representative.


Do your Project Boards hear from the PM and TA and BA or just the PM?

Do your Project Boards have an Enterprise Architect (Type 2) or their representative present?

If not does this cause any problems or issues?

If so, what do you need to do to solve them?



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