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Stage 1 - Determine the Question

Identity a question (and who is asking the question {{Anders W. Tell}}) that we want an answer to, that we either:

¨      Currently cannot answer, or

¨      Can get an answer but the quality and confidence in that answer is too low to be useful.

Stage 2 - Determine Required Data

Having understood what the question is, this stage identifies what information will be required to answer it. It should be noted that the temptation to try to answer the question should be resisted.

Stage 3 - Populate the Model

The third stage of the iteration is to find and populate the model with the information identified. This sub-process is described in detail in the next section.

Stage 4 - Integrate the Model

This phase ensures that the work that has been done and the information loaded into the model is sustainable. For each of the Datasources there are two alternatives (which were identified in the Analysis Phase):

¨      The Datasource is removed - The processes and people using the original Datasource will stop using it and will use the information in the model.

¨      The Datasource is preserved - The necessary interfaces are built to enable the synchronisation and management of the data going forward.

If this stage is not performed or is done badly it makes the entire exercise utterly pointless. Most Enterprises ignore this stage which may go somewhere to explain why many modelling efforts fail.

Stage 5 - Answer the question

Having populated the model, it is now possible to use the model in concert with the tools and analyses provided by the modelling tool to answer the question. After this, another iteration is possible.


Questions to ponder...

Does your Enterprise only model things when there is a clear reason to do so?

When things are modelled are the sources correctly removed or integrated?

Do you federate the maintenance of the information that has been modelled?

If you do not do one or more of the above, does that cause issues and problems?

If so, what are the effects of those issues and problems?

What will you do to solve them?

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