How was Training?


“useful subject, clear english of lector, meaby more materials or inteactive tools” - Senior consultant, AutoCont, Czech Republic, Mar 2011

Recommend PEAF?


“Yes - Moves EA into a more business oriented domain whilst keeping hold of the technical domain. Concept of Enterprise Debt is outstanding for communicating EA goals and capabilities. Makes EA more approachable to non EA's.” - Consultant, NA, Australia, Jun 2012

Having defined this information, a business decision can then be made to either provide what is required now or accept the pain we will have to endure going forward AND the costs of fixing it later. This is what sits at the heart of Governance and Lobbying.

Since a project that is Non-Compliant with guidance while the project is executing could become Compliant at any time before the project ends, only when a project completes will we know how many waivers have been issued and the Enterprise Debt™ being created in the form of the Cost of Non-Compliance that the Tactical work created and the Cost of Remediation to correct that Tactical work in the future.


When projects currently do not comply with guidance, is some kind of “Waiver” issued?

If so, what happens to it after it is issued?

If not, how are valid and sound business decisions made?


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