How was Training?


“inspiring and less (if any) bullshit bingo as expected” - Technical Architect, Freshfields, UK, Sep 2010

Recommend PEAF?


“Yes - PEAF is an implementable methodology as opposed to a framework that requires a methodology to be generated.” - Enterprise Architect, Self Employed, Australia, Feb 2015

At that point in time the Cost of Non-Compliance that the Non-Compliant work created and the Cost of Remediation to correct that Non-Compliant work in the future can be added to the Enterprise Debt™ for the whole Enterprise.

In effect the Cost of Non-Compliance is akin to paying interest on the Debt we have incurred, while the Cost of Remediation (if spent) is akin to paying off the Debt.

When you incur Enterprise Debt™, you are selling tomorrow, to get through today.


Does your Enterprise keep track of how much Enterprise Debt™ your Transformation projects are creating?

If not, are you worried that it doesn’t?


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