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Update Strategy Model


The Strategy Model defines the driving forces behind not only the Enterprise as it currently is but also the driving forces behind where it is moving to in the future and why.

It is important because it creates the overall context for any analysis and definition of what needs to change in the Enterprise, over what time period and why. The more people that understand the business environment and the Vision, Goals, and Objectives, the more likely it is that they will be achieved.

In addition, once the Enterprise Strategy Model is populated, the information in the other models can be related to it. This allows a clear line-of-sight back to the vision, goal or objectives of the Enterprise.


Its scope is largely defined by the associated Meta-model.


The most common source of this information is in published documents and the Enterprise’s Intranet.


Much like the Target Model, once defined the Enterprise Strategy Model is not set in stone.

It is reviewed on an annual basis during the annual business planning cycle and also whenever a major event causes the Enterprise to rethink its Target Model. E.g. A Merger or acquisition.


¨      Provision:    The Board (Vision, Mission, Goals, Strategies), Executive Management (Influences, SWOT, Tactics, Objectives, Polices, Rules, KPI’s)

¨      Sign-off:       The Board.

¨      Modelling:    Anyone trained in the tool being used.

¨      Update:       Senior Management.


¨      Collect the Information

¨      QA the information

¨      Load the information

Integrate the Information


Questions to ponder...

Does this process match your Enterprises process for producing their Enterprise Strategy?

If not, is their anything missing?

How would you mature your Enterprises Strategising process?

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