The Complete Pragmatic Family of Frameworks

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Here we see an example of the percentage of time that is spent in each area by each department.

The C-Suite/Board are the driving force behind Direction and supported by the Exec Management.

Operations tends to be split between business departments and business support departments like IT (Operations) Finance and HR.

Transformation consists mainly of IT (projects), Building Services and Executive Management and driven by C-Suite/Board, with all other departments playing minor roles.

Support is an eclectic mix but is dominated by IT (Support), Building Services, Customer Support, Exec Management, Finance and HR..

It should be noted that the C-Suite/Board and Exec Management are (should be) involved more in Transformation and Support areas as well as Operations.

For the Transformation domain, if we take Building Services out of the mix (because they tend to not be involved in many transformation efforts) and we take Exec Management out of the mix (because they are not engaged as they should be - which is what we are trying to highlight) we are left with the largest piece being IT (Projects) which explains why in most Enterprises the IT department has become synonymous with the Transformation department.

Enterprise Transformation is far too strategically important to be left in the hands of the IT department.


Questions to ponder...

Who is Accountable for Transformation in your Enterprise?

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